Destiny Hawkmoon Ornaments Gameplay and Modes

Destiny Hawkmoon Ornaments Gameplay and Modes

Destiny an online game that has been praised by people all over the world has come up with new and much fierce weapons and ornaments that comes with sleek design and even better killing strength. The game was releases in 2014 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. The game has come up with new sequel called Destiny 2 for the users giving better ornaments and weapons. Also Read.

Destiny Gameplay And Modes

Destiny is an online multi-player shooter game that is developed Bungie and published by Activision. The game is played from first-person perspective where the players takes the role of Guardian and are the protectors of Earth from different alien races. The players are given a number of tasks including reviving the celestial being known as the Traveller.

Destiny Hawkmoon Ornaments Gameplay and Modes


The players have to roam around with the Traveller to different planets for investigating and destroying the aliens before they come and destroy Earth. The game later came up with four expansion packs giving more dimensions and challenges for the players.

The game has so far received positive response from the critics. It is judged a bit for its storyline and post- campaign content but who cares about these as long as you are getting to use some fine and well- praised weapons.

Destiny Hawkmoon Ornaments Gameplay and Modes

The game can be played in different modes like Player v/s Player or Player v/s the Environment. The game has a variety of weapon ornament. The one of the most in demand ornament is Hawkmoon Ornament. Also Read.

We have come up with all the details regarding Hawkmoon!!

Hawkmoon Ornament

Hawkmoon Ornament has a rarity class of exotic It is a hand cannon with minimising- maximising magazine of 13. For year one version, it can be acquired by completing level 20 and for year two version, you have to complete level 40 to get it.

Destiny Hawkmoon Ornaments Gameplay and Modes

It can damage the enemy kinetically and has a semi-automatic fire mode. It was introduced in Destiny One for the first time and was exclusive to PlayStation users only then but later it became available to Xbox users as well. It returned in the Destiny 2 with Season of the Hunt.

It’s update, Luck in the Chamber, increases the damage to one random round in 11-round chamber that increases three rounds and adds 2 bullets to the magazine. In its third year, it was given two ornaments. Also Read.

Destiny Hawkmoon Ornaments Gameplay and Modes

Some of the additional features and upgrades:

  • More range and impact
  • Increased Recoil
  • Improved accuracy
  • Easy and fast reloading
  • More stability
  • Greater precision hits and bonus damage


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