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Best Rogue Xmogs You Must Know

Best Rogue Xmogs You Must Know

You can strike your enemies from the shadow by using these transmog sets for Rogues. Here we have some of the best transmog sets for Rogues.

Best Rogue Xmogs You Must Know

Regalia of the Dashing Scoundrel.

Regalia is like BFA gear and is more toned down than other sets, which makes you look like a corsair or a dashing pirate.

Bloodfang Armor

This is used to strike fear in anyone, rather than the faction back in the days of vanilla. Bloodfang Armor is sure to make you nostalgic.

Poisoner’s Battlegear.

This transmog set is for undead rogues,  with a lot of details and a lot of weapons that go with the set. The mythic version is better than the other two.

Sinslayer’s Leathers.

The set suits all classes, but it fits thematically on Worgen Rogues.


This is a legendary set from the burning crusade, and it stands out much due to the headpiece.

Vestments of the dark Phoneix.

This heroic version of the Fireland is awesome and stands out as a dark Rogue. It looks absolutely amazing on Night Elf Rogues, Void Elf, and Nightborne.

Deathstalker’s Guise.

Deathstalker’s Guise looks great with lot of BFA and Shadowlands weapons and gear. This is a more toned-down set without a lot of flashy glowing features.

Felblade Armor

The metal textures on all versions of this set are fantastic. The green effects on the mythic version looks great with different weapon options.

Doomblade Battlegear.

The set has great pieces, the helmet, boots, gloves and the dark smoke which comes from the shoulders.

Vancleef’s Battlegear.

The set is very simple with the alliance colors. The set is decent on humans, but it is great on Night and Void Elves.

These are some of the best transmog sets known.

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