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Cute Pokemon Babies You Must Watch

One of the new change in the Pokemon franchise was the addition of Pokemon babies. The series has become one of the most popular series in the world. In the Pokemon franchise, all the characters are fresh and unique.

The addition of Pokemon babies represents the softer side of the Pokemon species. Let us talk about some of the cutest Pokemon babies.


Smoochum falls in the category of Kiss Pokemon. Smoochum is a little bundle of joy which has got a pair of lips and some beautiful bangs. The lips of Smoochum are very sensitive , and also they remain moist due to the application of tree sap.

cute pokemon babies


Pikachu is one of the most cute Pokemon, out there. Pichu is very much new to the world, and whenever it gets excited or amused, tiny amounts of electricity leaks out of its body.

cute pokemon babies


Azurill is the baby of the family, and it is very tiny. Azurill uses its tail to stay up in the water.

cute pokemon babies

Mime Jr

Mime Jr is very impressive and is a pure joy. Mime Jr is very fond of dancing and you cannot help loving him.


Munch lax

The only concern of Munchlax is food, and has got an innocent look. The creature is pretty adorable.



Wyanut is the stress-free version of Pokemon. You feel happy, when you are around this Pokemon.



Igglypuf is lightweight, and is the pre-evolved form of Jigglypuff. Igglypuf has got the sweet smell of marshmallow.

cute pokemon babies


This is a very famous Pokemon, and has got vast psychic abilities.Togepi is said to be a symbol of luck.


Magby lives in and consumes fire. They are dangerously cute.



Budew, is just like a bud and has got a beautiful smile on face.



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