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Ranked Of Top 5 Dark Souls 3 Good Build

Dark Souls 3 is a roleplaying game. It was developed by FromSoftware. This game was published for PlayStation 4, microsoft windows and Xbox One by Bandai Namco entertainment, a Japanese video game publisher company. The game was first released in Japan in 2016.


Dark Souls 3 played on thrid persons perspective. It’s an action role playing game. In the beginning, the character was provided with 2 weapons. Each with 2 basic attacks. Character needs to find more weapons with each level. Magic in also featured in this part of the series. Combats and movements were more smooth than previous game.

Dark Souls 3 Good Build

The players who were seeking to dominate their enemies need a strong strategy and planning. They often focus on the strength. Builds of close range were needed to dominate over the enemy. The stat of builds prioritise the maximum damage output. Some of the useful and effective builds are:

Dark Souls 3 Good Build

1. Pure strength tanks

2. Efficient strengths

3. Black knight greataxe

4. Ledo’s OP strength

5. Strength and faith greataxeDark Souls 3 Good Build


This game sets in a kingdom of Lothric. The game vegans with the ringing of a bell as the symbol of first flame which was responsible for maintaining the Age of fire, is dying out. Prince Lothric, the character, chooses for to save the dying out flame.

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