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Digging Pokemon!! You Missed in Lockdown

Digging Pokemon!! You Missed in Lockdown

Pokemons are fascinating and cute also. We all love the Pokemon franchise and I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know about Pokemon? If you don’t know then what are you doing dude? There I am going to tell some interesting Digging Pokemons. Let’s get it!


This cute Pokemon also called Diguda in Japanese. This Pokemon is small and most of its part is in Underground which is the reason we don’t know whether it has feet, tails etc. 

It usually prefers dark places as it has thin skin and when exposed to light its blood will heat up, causing it to grow weak.

They have the ability to Sand Veil or Arena Trap. By the name itself you can guess they are proficient diggers and can Dig quickly.

When it reaches 26 it evolves into Dugtrio.

Digging Pokemon!! You Missed in Lockdown


This cute bunny-like Pokemon called Horubii in Japanese. It is small and grey. Its large, grey, brown-tipped ears give it a bunny an appearance. These large ears dig burrows, shovel dirt, and chop trees. They will dig the whole night through. No wonder they are considered as energetic and industrious Pokémon.

At level 20 it can evolve to Diggersby.

Digging Pokemon!! You Missed in Lockdown



This mole-like Pokemon called Doryuzu in Japanese. It has a dark-brown body with diagonal, red splotches. 

It spins like a drill as it can straighten its entire body. It has given the title of Drill King it can even cut through iron and steel plating with the digging speed of over 90 mph. This is better than a drilling machine!

It is really helpful for construction works due to its unique digging ability. At level 31 Drilbur evolves into Exacadrill.

Digging Pokemon!! You Missed in Lockdown


This cute Pokemon called Dagutorio in Japanese. By the name itself, you know that it just a trio of Diglett.  The heights are different even though they look the same.

Right Diglett – smallest

Middle Diglett – Tallest

Left Diglett – 2nd Tallest 

Why does it look like three cousin brothers? Anyways, they can make bigger holes compared to a single Diglett. Bro power!  

Just like Diglett it too prefers dark places but it shows more aggressive moves compared to Diglett. They can also trigger earthquakes or tremors. 

Still, they are pretty much useful to humans as they help people with agriculture. 

Digging Pokemon!! You Missed in Lockdown

I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy. Stay with Evedonus Film for the latest updates