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Dad Stop embarrassing me: release date, plot and cast

Dad Stop embarrassing me: release date, plot and cast

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is an upcoming comedy series. The show is created by Bentley Kyle Evans. Dad stop embarrassing me is all set to premiere on Netflix on April 14, 2021.

The show stars Jamie Foxx, Kyla-Drew, David Alan Grier, Porscha Coleman and Jonathan Kite in leading roles. Jamie Foxx is also one of the executive producers of the show. Corinne Foxx, Jamie’s daughter, is also working as the show’s producer.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: release date

Dad stop embarrassing me: release date, plot and cast

The eight episode long series, Dad Stop Embarrassing me is all set to release on 14th of April, 2021 on OTT platform Netflix.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: plot

The show revolves around the tumultuous life of Brian Dixon, a successful business owner from Atlanta. Dixon has now a full-time father role to play as his teenage daughter Sasha moves in with him after mother’s death.

Determined to be the coolest and most amazing father, Brian is ready to go to all odds to take care of his daughter. Obviously he is going to turn to his dad ‘Pops’ and sister Chelsea for all the help he can get. Sasha also goes out of her way to understand her new chaotic, crazy and loving home.

Dad stop embarrassing me: release date, plot and cast

Foxx returns to his sitcom days with this multi- cam sitcom. Foxx is all set to return to sit-coms with Bentley Kyle Evans. They previously worked together on The Jamie Foxx Show. The series is directed by Ken Whittingham.

In an interview Corinne said, “My dad and I have been telling these stories for years, whether we’ve been in interviews together or just at dinner. We’ve always loved reliving these memories and laughing about them. While I don’t have the physical diary anymore, these moments were so unforgettable.”

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me is a phrase that Jamie Foxx has heard a lot on a regular basis when his daughter was growing up. The charming father- daughter duo have decided to turn their memories into a new comedy show.

Fhe series is inspired by true and hilarious tales of Jamie and Corinne Foxx. Corinne is now a 27 years old executive producer. She had scribbled down all the funny moments in her diary. The show is bound to make all the fathers feel nostalgic.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me cast

Jamie Foxx an Oscar winner and A- lister will play Brian Dixon. David Alan Grier will play Pops. The actors will reunite once again after The Jamie Foxx Show.

Dad stop embarrassing me: release date, plot and cast

Kyla-Drew will be playing Sasha.

Porscha Coleman plays Chelsea Dixon, Brian’s younger sister. Heather Hemmens plays Stacy Collins, Brian’s PA. Valente Rodriguez, Miracle Reigns and Jonathan Kite are also part of the cast.

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