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Everything You Need to Know About Shield Hero Season 2

shield hero season 2

With the increasing popularity of isekai genre among people, the season 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero is all set to hit the floor. Strangely, the popularity of this anime series is increasing day by day as the characters get transferred to another world. However, the obvious reasons behind it’s increasing interest might be the fact that viewers are exploring various worlds as well as stories. There are lists isekai anime but The rising of The Shield Hero season 2 has been the most awaited one up till now.

Shield Hero Season 2 is all set to come back with a bang

Everything You Need to Know About Shield Hero Season 2

Way back in 2019 Crunchyroll Expo confirmed that the show will be followed up with season 2 as well as 3. Although, last year, season 2 was announced to be premiered this year. Further more this time production of this isekai genre anime will be done by Kinema Citrus in collaboration with DR Movie. For the viewers eagerly waiting for this season will be more excited to know that Season 3 will hit the floor more sooner than expected. It’s like the cherry on the cake. Isn’t it? However, the forthcoming season will be available on AT-X, Crunchyroll along with English dub on Funimation.

Shield Hero Season 1 overview

Everything You Need to Know About Shield Hero Season 2The Shield Hero is basically a isekai anime-inspired from Aneko Yusagi’s web Novel which ran from 2012-2015 in Naro. Talking about the present time, 22 volume has been released. Also, Kinema Citrus modified it to 25 episodes which streamed in 2019. However this is known as the best isekai genre anime so far. The main character in the following is Naofumi Iwatani. The protagonist in the story is a free and easy sort of boy who got a call from another world. The character inbuilds confidence under the pressure of saving the world. Further he gets accompanied by three more characters from the different globe.

Expectations from Season 2

This is quite possible that season 2 too will be revolving around the main character Naofumi. This season might conclude with the storyline of the prime mover along with his companion becoming the world’s leading heroes clashing with the waves (monsters).

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