What is Pokémon showdown? Everything you need to know about

What is Pokémon showdown? Everything you need to know about

Pokémon Showdown is basically a web-based Pokémon battle imitator. However, it was created by Zarel. This face-off is also for single battle supporting all generations along with double battles supporting  Generation VGeneration VIGeneration VII, and Generation VIII.

Pokémon Showdown Formats:

  • Official Nintendo formats
  • Official Smogon formats
  • The Smogon tier system

Official Nintendo Formats

This format too has various formats:

  • Battle Spot Singles: This is a bring-6-choose-3 singles format.
  • Battle Spot Doubles Format: This format is bring-6-choose-4 doubles format.
  • VGC: This is basically an Official Tournament where rules get changed every year.

What is Pokémon showdown? Everything you need to know about

Official Smogon formats

This format also includes various formats. All of them are bring-6-choose-6 for singles. Along with it this format also has bring-6-choose-6 for doubles. This format includes Ubers, OU (Overused), UU (Underused), RU (Rarely-used), NU (Never used), LC (Little Cup).

The Smogon Tier System

Essentially, this system some Pokémons are considered as strong and some as Uber. Players can use all Pokémons in OU. This system basically orders Pokémons from top to bottom. This just an overview of this system. There is a lot more about it. You can check the detailed version Smogon’s XY Tiers page here.

Various rules to be followed

This is not just about the formats. Along with these formats, there are various rules to be followed. These rules are referred to as clause in this game. Some of the clauses are:

  • Species Clause: This clause does not allow two same Pokémon to be used in the same team.
  • Sleep Clause: In this clause, you are not allowed to put two opposing Pokémons to take nap at the same time.
  • Evasion Clause: Here you are restricted from using a double team or minimizing.
  • OHKO Clause: In this rule, you are not allowed to use a one-hit KO move.
  • Item Clause: This clause does not allow players to use the same items on the same team.

These were few overviews of what Pokémon Showdown is and how it works. Well, there are a lot more. Altogether these clauses and formats make this battle more interesting and challenging.

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